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Miles per Hour to Kilometers per Hour

Before delving into miles per hour to kilometers per hour, let’s quickly have a look at the units:

The imperial and United States customary unit of speed miles per hour indicate the number of miles traveled in one hour, more precisely statute miles also known as international miles.

Along the same lines does the metric unit of speed kilometers per hour express the number of kilometers covered in an hour.

Because one mile has been defined as 1609.344 meters, the mph to kmh formula is:

[kmh] = [mph] x 1.609344

This formula can also be written as [kmh] = (25146/15625) x [mph].

In the next section we show you how to convert mi/h to km/h by means of an example.

How to Convert Mph to Kmh?

To conduct the unit conversion you have to multiply the speed in miles per hour by 1.609344 to get the equivalent in kilometers per hour.

Instead of the decimal coefficient, you may use the fraction.

For example: 20 mph to kph:

20 x 1.609344 = 20 x 25146000/15625 = 32.18688 km/h.

As shown right above, changing miles an hour to kilometers an hour is a simple multiplication.

However, the recommended way to transform the speed from the English unit to the metric unit is by means of our mph in kmh app at the top of this page.

About our Mph to Kmh Converter

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If you like, press the blue button to reset the units.

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BTW: Frequently asked questions about the subject under consideration include:

  • How many kmh in mph? Answer: kmh ~ mph x 1.6.
  • How many km/h in mi/h? Answer: km/h ~ mp/h x 1.6.
  • How many kph to mph? Answer: kph ~ 1.6 x mph.

If you’re unsure about the correct answers, then read our article carefully one more time.

By the way: Road traffic speed signs indicate the speed limit in mph, kmh, or both, such as in the Independent State of Samoa.

For a list of countries and their usage of mi/h you may check the referenced sites.

Mph in Kmh

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