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Welcome to kmh to mph, our page about the kilometers per hour to miles per hour conversion.

Here’s all about the topic, including a speed converter, the formula and useful information on kmh in mph.

In case you have been looking for kilometers to mile per hour or mph kmh, then you have come to the right place, too.

Throughout our website we use kmh, km/h and KMH to denote kilometers per hour; the abbreviations MPH, mi/h and mph mean miles per hour.

Keep reading to learn how to convert the speed.



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Kilometers per Hour to Miles per Hour

To understand kilometers per hour to miles per hour we must quickly discuss the units involved:

Kilometers per hour is a metric unit of speed, a multiple of meters per second.

Km/h indicates the distance traveled in the time of one hour.

Miles per hour other the other hand refers to the imperial and United States customary unit of speed.

The speed measured in mi/h tells us about the distance traversed in one hour.

Because one mile has been standardized as 1.609344 kilometers, the formula is:

[mph] = [kmh] / 1.609344

This equation can also be written in the form: [mph] = (15625 / 25146) x [kmh].

In the next section there’s an example of how to convert km/h to mi/h using these formulas.

Convert Kmh to Mph

To convert the units of speed you have to divide the speed in kilometers per hour by 1.609344 to get the speed in miles per hour.

Instead of the decimal 1.609344, you may use the fraction given above.

For example: 25 mph to kph: 25 / 1.609344 = 25 x (15625 / 25146) = 15.53 mi/h, rounded to 2 decimals.

As you have seen, changing kilometers an hour to miles an hour is a simple operation.

However, the easiest way to transform the speed from the metric unit to the English unit is by means of our kmh in mph converter which you can find in the next section.

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In the context of the conversion kmh mph, there are some frequently asked questions including:

  • How many mi/h in km/h? Answer: mi/h = km/h / 1.6.
  • How many mph in kmh? Answer: mph = kmh / 1.6.
  • How many mph to kph? Answer: Answer: mph = kph / 1.6.

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For further information regarding the units under consideration, including a list of countries using miles per hour for speed limits, check out the reference section of our home page.

Kmh in Mph

Frequent speed conversions in this category include, for example:

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